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Are you ready to get spooked? 

In a world where cats have been replaced by robocats, one robot decides to escape the factory. He stumbles upon a friendly witch, who's working on a spell that can change the robot's life forever. Help the witch find the ingredients, but beware of the spooky forest's dangers.

It works with KBM or controller. Only for windows ATM. 

This game was made by a group of students for an Unreal Engine summer school course. We all had very little to no experience prior to this project.


Oona Korkeala (Graphic Design, UI, 3D-modelling)

Helmi Kemppainen (Graphic Design, UI, 3D-modelling, Video editing, Intro/outro art)

Tiina Jatkola (Graphic Design, UI, 3D-modelling, Animation)

Ida Apilainen (Graphic Design, UI, 3D-modelling)

Tuomas Kujala (Coding, Sounds, Level Design, Special effects)

Daniel Mondesire (Coding, Level Design, Music, Sounds, Narration, Special effects)

Everyone was involved in the game design process.

Install instructions

Unzip the package, navigate to the windows folder and open "Robokissapeli" (I forgot to change it's Finnish name).


Robocat.zip 469 MB

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